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Discover the Best Beaches in Paros: A Guide to Sun, Sand, and Sea
Paros is a beautiful gem in the Cyclades with a variety of beaches with crystal water and sand. There are many choices for those travelers who want organized beaches with sunbeds and beach bars but also for those who like isolated and tranquil beaches to swim and relax.
Golden Beach - Drios Luxury Studios

Golden Beach

Golden beach is located in the southeast part of the island and it’s considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Paros. It’s a 700 meters long beach with soft and golden sand it’s for every type of visitor.
Golden beach is the perfect place for water sports lovers but also for families.

Probably Golden beach must be the 1st beach to your Paros beaches list!

Distance: 1km by car/quad/scooter or bus

Beach Bars:
  • Rebel
  • The beach project
  • Blue restaurant bar
  • Golden beach hotel

Water sports:
  • Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Water Skiing and Wake Board
  • Kayak
  • Sup
Lolantonis Beach - Drios Luxury Studios

Lolantonis Beach

Loladonis is a sandy beach suitable for families and young people. At Loladonis beach you’ll find the famous beach bar-restaurant, “The cliff”, where you will find sunbeds, beverages, and outstanding Mediterranean food.

Distance: 3km, by car-quad-scooter.
Beach Bars: The cliff **sunbeds reservation is recommended
Logaras Beach - Drios Luxury Studios

Logaras Beach

Logaras is a long, sandy, tree-lined beach with plenty of choices of taverns and sunbeds. It is situated next to the famous and graphic fish village, Piso Livadi. Logaras beach has crystal clear water and It attracts people of all ages and families.
Distance: 4km, by bus or by car-quad-scooter

Beach Bars:
  • Punda beach club (Punda coast)
  • Cactus beach bar
Faraggas Beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Faraggas Beach
A beautiful sandy beach on the southern side of the island. This beach has perfect, crystal and clear water. The right side of the beach is unorganized while on the left side of the beach, you’ll find a beach bar-restaurant with sunbeds, refreshments, and a restaurant.
Also, on the right side of the beach, after the cliff, you’ll find 1 small non-organized beach reachable by foot.
Distance: 8km by car-quad-scooter

Beach Bars:
  • Faragas beach bar and restaurant ** sunbeds reservation is recommended

Water sports:
  • Sup
  • Kanoe
*Tip* Faragas is one of the Paros beaches which is protected from the winds and it's highly recommended for these days with strong northern winds.
Marchello Beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Marchello Beach
Marcello is located in Parikia bay, //km after the port, at the right. It’s a long beach with soft white sand and crystal blue water. Suitable for families, friends, and couples. You can reach the beach by your means of transportation or you can choose the more exciting way and take a small fish boat from the port of Parikia.
At Marcello beach, you can choose to lay on the sand or to sunbed at the 2 beach bars, one in the center of the beach and the other on the left of the beach.
Distance: 24km by car-quad-scooter or bus and fish boat

Beach Bars:
  • Marcelo beach bar

*Tip* Marcello beach is protected from the winds and Is highly recommended for these days with strong northern and southern winds.

Kolympithres Beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Kolympithres Beach
Kolympithres beach is considered one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Paros and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It’s located in the bay of Naoussa. This beach is impressive because of the huge white blocks of granite boarding it, sculpted into strange smooth shapes. The water is warm and blue and the view of Naousa village is spectacular. There are some beach bars there, but we recommend you lay on the rocks or the sand. This beach is crowded, so it would be better to go early in the morning to find a place to put your towel.
You can spend your whole day there, as there are beach bars and some taverns with delicious traditional food.
Distance: 20km by car-quad-scooter or bus and fish boat from Naousa

*Tip* Kolympithres beach is the most protected from the winds from Paros beaches and Is highly recommended for these days with strong northern and southern winds.
Monastiri Beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Monastiri Beach
Monastiri Beach (the beach of the monastery of Agios Ioannis) is located a couple of kilometers after the beach of Kolimbithres, in a small rocky bay surrounded by huge rocky hills. There you will find the monastery of Agios Ioannis, the perfect spot for views and photos.
The water is blue, clear, and crystalline and the sand is very sludgy. This beach is very popular for its beauty, and it gets crowded. It’s recommended for families as the sea is safe and not deep and also for water sports lovers.
At monastiri beach is a fancy beach bar-restaurant where you have a sunbed, refreshments, and lunch.
Also, the explorers will love this beach as many paths drive you to other isolated beaches and a lighthouse.
Distance: 22km by car-quad-scooter or bus and fish boat from Naousa port

Beach Bars:
  • Monastiri beach bar **sunbeds reservation is recommended**

Water sports:
  • Water-skiing
  • Wakeboard
  • Sup
  • Seabike
  • tubes

*Tip* Monastiri beach is protected from the winds and Is highly recommended for these days with strong northern and southern winds.
Santa Maria - Drios Luxury Studios
Santa Maria
Santa Maria is a large and one of the most famous beaches in Paros in the north part of the island, with white sand and turquoise water, the perfect spot for snorkeling and water sports. Santa Maria has a beach bar with sun loungers and sometimes some beach parties.
Santa Maria, Laggeri, and Mikri Santa Maria (small Santa Maria) are three beaches in the same part of the island and it’s useful to list together and perhaps visit them within the same day.
Santa Maria is not recommended the days with strong north winds. You should avoid visiting it.
Distance: 20km, by car-quad-scooter or by bus from Naousa

Beach Bars:
  • Santa Maria Beach Bar
  • Koom Restaurant
Water sports:
  • Water skiing & Waterboarding
  • SUP
  • Banana-Sofa-tube ring
Agia Irini - Drios Luxury Studios
Agia Irini
Agia Irini is a small and dreamy beach with a tropical atmosphere as it has many tall palm trees and clear turquoise waters. There are 2 beach bars and a tavern. At the right, up to the hill, you’ll find the monastery of Agia Irini.
This beach is highly recommended for families but in the summer season usually is crowded.
You should put this beach to your Paros beaches list!

Distance: 18km, by car-quad-scooter

Beach Bars:
  • Palm Beach Paros
  • Laris
*Tip* Agia Irini is highly recommended for these days with strong northern winds but you should avoid visiting the beach these days with strong southern winds.
Parasporos Beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Parasporos Beach
Parasporos is located south of Parikia, the capital of Paros. It is a large sandy beach. There are some beach bars and a tavern and some of the best summer beach parties. It is recommended for families. When it’s windy, the sea becomes wavy.
Distance: 20km by car-quad-scooter

Beach Bars:
  • Zazala beach bar
  • Magaya restaurant
Now let’s explore the secret gems of Paros beaches. On these beaches, probably you’ll not find beach bars and umbrellas, but you’ll find tranquility.
Drios beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Drios beach
Drios beach some meters away by a walk is a small beach with sea trees for shade and some restaurants to grab a refreshment or a snack. This beach is affected by south winds but fortunately, they are rare in the summer season. It consists of thick sand and pebbles.

Distance: 500m by walking
Molos-Kalogeros beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Molos-Kalogeros beach
Molos is a long sandy beach with shallow and blue water. Molos is located after the village of Marmara. There are no see-trees for shadow and there is any beach bar or tavern for refreshments, so you have to be well prepared with a hat, umbrella, and refreshments.
After some meters, you will find the amazing beach of Kalogeros. This small beach is surrounded by an arid hilly environment where you can have a natural spa. The shore is partly sandy and partly pebbled, but the water is always crystal.
Distance: 8km by car-quad-scooter
Piso Aliki beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Piso Aliki beach
Aliki beach is one of the most adorable beaches. This beach is large with many sea trees for natural shadow. The water is exotic, so clear and blue with white sand. This beach is very popular with locals but also with visitors. The summer becomes crowded, but it is worth a visit.
It’s an easy-access beach with several restaurants around the place for refreshments and snacks. Also, you will not be troubled to find parking as in front of the beach is a huge parking area.
Distance: 10km by car-quad-scooter
Voutakos beach - Drios Luxury Studios
Voutakos beach
Voutakos beach is another famous and lovely spot of Paros, close to Alyki and the airport. Voutakos is located in the southern part of the island. Voutakos consists of small beaches, but the most beautiful and the right one at the end of the road. The last part of the beach is nudism-friendly.
You have to be prepared with an umbrella, hats, snacks, and refreshments as there are no sea trees and there is any place to buy refreshments.
Distance: 15km by car-quad-scooter
Tou mpei - Drios Luxury Studios
Tou mpei
This is the gem of Paros beaches. For most of the locals the best and most beautiful beach on the island. This secret paradise doesn’t have a sign to find it. It’s located before the faragas beach.
It is not organized and can be reached through a track road. After the trach road, there is a path of 200 meters that you have to walk and then you’ll find this small paradise with crystal water for total privacy and relaxation. Please have in mind, that this beach has a parking area only for a few cars.
Distance: 12km by car-quad-scooter
Tripiti & Glyfa - Drios Luxury Studios
Tripiti & Glyfa
Tripiti is a small bay on the southern side of Paros next to Glyfa beach. Tripiti and Glyfa are located a few minutes away from Drios village.
Both of them, don’t get popular at all and remain on 2 small beaches to relax, away from the noisy crowds.
Tripiti is unorganized with sand and rocks and Glyfa the months of June-July-August has a small beach bar for refreshments and cocktails
Distance: 4km by car-quad-scooter
Laggeri - Drios Luxury Studios
Lageri is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun in serenity. This non-crowded beach is not an easily found place before Santa Maria beach. It’s a lovely sandy beach that attracts several nudists.
Santa Maria, Laggeri, and Mikri Santa Maria (small Santa Maria) are three beaches in the same part of the island and it’s useful to list together and perhaps visit them within the same day.
Distance: 22km by car-quad-scooter
- Does Paros have good beaches?
Paros island is considered one of the islands with the best beaches in the Cyclades. Nay choices of Crystal, blue, and sandy beaches to swim and enjoy the Cycladic sun.

-Are there sandy beaches in Paros?
Absolutely yes! Almost all of the beaches are sandy.

-Can you swim in Paros?
The sea of Paros is 100% safe. The water of the sea is clear, crystal, and blue.

-What water sports are available at Paros beaches?
Each beach depending on the location and the wind is suitable for different watersports. In general, there are many choices for watersports in Paros.
Kitesurf is one of the most famous watersports to do in Paros. Many kitesurfers are coming in the summer season to do kitesurf. The most famous spot for kitesurf is Pounda beach.
Also, Golden beach and Santa Maria are very famous spots for windsurfing.
In general, in Paros, you can enjoy Kitesurf, windsurfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, Wing foil, Scuba diving, SUP, and Canoe Kayak

-Are there any nude beaches in Paros?

Yes, at the last part of Voutakos beach and at Laggeri beach

-Are there any beaches in Paros with beach bars and restaurants?

Most of the beaches in Paros are well organized with beach bars, sunbeds, and restaurants. The most famous of them are:

1. Golden Beach
2. Marcello beach
3. Santa Maria
4. Monastiri
5. Kolympithres
6. Parasporos beach
7. Faragas beach